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spookyhalloween's Journal

Spooky Halloween
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An X-Files Halloween Community
spookyhalloween is a Halloween X-Files community dedicated to all things spooky. The idea is simple - every October 31st users post their Halloween-themed X-Files goodies be it fic, vids, icons, meta or fanmixes.

The comm is multi-medium (fic, art, vids, essays, fanmixes); multi-genre (bad!fic, smut, meta, fluff, casefile) and multi-size (haiku, EP, short film, novel). And is purely there as a bit of fun - no matter how big or small your piece, no matter how much time you have to spend on it or the comm - everyone and everything is welcome. After all, what could be better on Halloween, the spookiest night of the year, than The X-Files?

RULES (There aren't many but please stick to them.)

1. Please post on Halloween. As long as it's October 31st where you are, you're good to go.

2. Please title your post in the subject line of the post:

Essay/Icons/Art/Fic/etc: Title of contribution

For example:
Fic: The FBI Halloween Ball (PG, Scully/Frohike)
Icons: 50 Spooky icons
Art: The Lone Gunmen wallpaper and friends-only banners
Essay: The Art of The Monster (spoiled for all seasons)

If posting fic, please use the following header above the cut.


3. All artwork larger than three icons, and fanfic/essays longer than 250 words must be put under an lj-cut. All adult (NC-17/18+) material must also be lj-cut with appropriate warnings/ratings above the cut.

4. Let people know if you've enjoy their contributions. Feedback makes the monster mash go round.

5. Be nice. No flaming, no bashing of characters/seasons/pairings. We're here to spread the love. And intestines.

If in doubt, contact the mod.